You are invited to a visual arts exhibition celebrating the life and ministry of Jesus Christ
with displays, media presentations, live acting, and musical performances.


7th Annual Life of Christ Event - 2014

The purpose of this event is to invite all to come
celebrate our common belief in the Savior Jesus Christ
and in His Resurrection. 

To achieve this, the Cultural Hall is transformed
into the land of Israel as backdrops and
vignettes are
created to display artwork depicting the Masterʼ
s life
and ministry.
Beginning at the Saviorʼ
s birth the displays progress
through childhood, to the temple of Jerusalem, and
to His ministry, including the Sea of Galilee. 
The Saviorʼs final week is highlighted with the
portraying the upper room with the Last Supper,
the Garden of Gethsemane, Pilateʼs
Court, Calvary Hill
and the empty Garden tomb. 
The final scene spans the stage front and consists of
three large panels depicting the Saviorʼs second coming
and is a spiritually moving highlight in the Cultural Hall.

Returning this year are live actors at several of the
(See performance schedule at right sidebar for times)

Two interactive Childrenʼs rooms complement the event,
with story-telling, crafts, and dress-up to capture your
child's imagination. Both children and their parents are
spiritually fed while having fun!

The chapel is also transformed into a concert hall with
live musical
performances Friday evening and Saturday.

We are thrilled to present 4 concerts by:
The Life of Christ Regional  Choir  (See performance schedule at right sidebar for times)

Another highlight is a concert from:
Children's Choir 

(See performance schedule at right sidebar for times)

photos courtesy of Alex Maynes photography